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Books That Build Business Empires

Grow your revenue exponentially or launch an entirely new business through the power of Entrepreneurial Publishing.

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A Reassuringly Different Formula For Explosive Business Growth

Do you want to attract more new clients to your business, and have them arrive pre-sold on working with you, ready to buy?

Would you like to find a proven and highly profitable strategy to tap into new markets that you aren't reaching today?

Want to magnify the effectiveness of your marketing, both online and offline, and drive exponential revenue growth?

How thrilled would you be with an unexpected windfall, by creating a lucrative spinoff from your existing business that you never imagined was possible?

The formula for achieving all this and more is Entrepreneurial Publishing.

At our 3-day intensive event CEO Andrew Carter, international bestselling author, entrepreneur and business leader, shares his secrets to building a multi-million dollar business empire through the power of Entrepreneurial Publishing.

Discover how you too can use this unique system to:

  • Add new revenue streams to your business
  • Tap into new markets
  • Attract high-quality new clients who are pre-sold & ready to buy from you
  • Even launch entirely new businesses as profitable spinoffs from what you're doing today

We reveal the Entrepreneurial Publishing strategy and how you can leverage it to build your own business empire at our signature event, “How to Write a Bestseller”.

This amazing, content-filled 3-day workshop will get you started in no time at all.

You'll finish the three days with your new marketing strategy, or an entire new business, all mapped out.

You'll also have an outline for your new marketing asset which is the cornerstone of this strategy: a book, structured & methodically assembled using the Entrepreneurial Publishing formula.

This event has already turned thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, into international and bestselling authors. Check out the event page to see the results they've achieved through Entrepreneurial Publishing.

Andrew Carter

CEO Andrew Carter

Services Offered

“Entrepreneurial Thinking and Marketing are at our core. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to inspire and support our Authors by helping them build successful businesses that positively impact their communities.”

Proofreading and Editing Services

It’s vitally important to make sure your book is at its best before it is published. Our experienced proofreaders provide professional proof reading and basic editing of your book. We use “basic” editing as we believe in maintaining the author’s voice and therefore do not do a rewrite. We also provide you with feedback if your manuscript needs changing or items added

Design Services

You’ve worked hard on writing your book. Now give it a professional look and feel with a unique cover design and high quality images, both internal and external. Our experienced design team will work with you to make sure your vision is clearly conveyed to your audience. The front and back cover are critical to the overall success of your book.

Printing / Formats

When you publish with Global Publishing Group your book can be produced in softcover, hard cover and as an e-book. We utilise the most state of the art offset and digital print-on-demand printing technology and binding systems to ensure a great looking, long lasting product that enures your book is presented in the best way for both online and physical versions.

The World's Leading Entrepreneurial Publisher

We are different to every other book publisher you've ever encountered.

Our entire focus is on empowering business owners to drive exponential revenue growth, and entrepreneurs to launch highly profitable new businesses.

That's why we specialise in publishing just one thing: books that have been methodically structured, from cover to cover, to attract new customers into a business...

High-quality customers who arrive already educated, pre-qualified and pre-sold on doing business with you.

Imagine what a cascade of those new customers would do for the profitability of your business.

That's exactly how Global Publishing Group has helped our clients create massive businesses and brands around the world, allowing them to enjoy a more extraordinary and abundant life.

Will you be our next success story?