The Hardest Thing For a Marketing Company is to Market Itself…

The whole term marketing has become a bit of a conversation killer. If you are feeling like this, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Are you getting...

  • Non-ideal prospects contacting you?
  • Referrals with very low budgets?
  • People, that have a bigger problem than marketing?
  • Customers, that aren’t ready to commit?
  • Tire kickers?

Authority might be exactly what you or your brand is missing.
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Example Of Authority Marketing:

Russell Brunson

The founder of ClickFunnels and author of DOTCOM Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets

Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books (making him a New York Times Bestselling Author), popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded the software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

Russell is personally coached by Darren Stephens, the founder of Global Publishing Group.

Writing a Bestseller Book - Strategy That Has Generated Our Clients Millions of Dollars in FREE PR

The cornerstone of this client attraction strategy is a book.

Not just any book, though.

Millions of books have been written only to gather dust in a garage.

Your book must be designed and structured according to a specific formula known as Entrepreneurial Publishing, which has been battle-tested and proven over 20 years by turning ordinary business owners into high visibility, high income leaders of their industries.

This type of published book is undoubtedly the single greatest method of gaining authority, being noticed - and getting clients because it focuses on "the game behind the game" - meaning it will be the key to building a multi 7-figure business…

Who We Are

We are very different from other mainstream book publishers. Global Publishing Group is an International Leading Entrepreneurial Publisher that has helped create bestselling Authors, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and Business Owners. We support and expand their entrepreneurial ideas. We assist them to build massive businesses and brands around the world allowing them to enjoy a more extraordinary and abundant life. We give them a global voice to make an impact in an effort to create a better world.

Andrew Carter - CEO

The brand CEO Andrew is an international author, entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, pilot and business leader, acknowledged for his strategic and marketing intellect. He is a recognised authority on Aviation, leadership, decision making and business turnaround. Through his consulting, not for profit entities, books, publishing and business education companies, Andrew has wowed and transformed the lives and businesses of people from all walks of life. His award-winning company Global Publishing Group Pty Ltd has helped people like coaches, thought leaders, business CEOs, retailers, financial advisors, property experts, health industry experts, franchisors, and entrepreneurs to succeed.

Global Publishing Group has hundreds of international bestselling authors around the world who have been and has featured in media, appearing on TV, radio and in print. His unique strategies, systems, publishing and marketing tools for wealth creation are empowering thousands around the world to improve their lives.

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