Red Armchair Entrepreneurs


RED Hot Property Profit$

Authors: Adrian & Amber Zenere

A Step-by-Step Blue Print for anyone who wants to reach financial freedom faster but has no time, no experience and no money!

At Last! A BETTER, FASTER SAFER and EASIER Way to Get Started in Real Estate Development and Secure Your Financial Future.

RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profits’ is the first comprehensive beginner’s guide book to Small Real Estate Development to be written by Architect Developers, in easy to understand ‘laymans’ terms. It reveals the most closely guarded ‘inside secrets’ and strategies the real estate ‘Big Shots’ use to build property empires and accumulate massive fortunes plus it provides a proven step-by-step blueprint for the little shot.

Real Estate Development can be extremely exciting and rewarding and there can be significant profits to be made however if you’re new or inexperienced there are many pitfalls and hidden traps along the way. Newcomers can get themselves in all sorts of trouble if they don’t know what they’re doing or fail to seek proper advice. However they can now rest easy because armed with a proven step-by-step system the average person can finally use Real Estate Development as a vehicle to fast track their way to financial freedom.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How you can quickly and easily get started in real estate development and begin to accumulate significant wealth without going through the stress of construction
  • How to knock years of the learning curve and build a sustainable Real Estate Development (RED) business
  • The criteria the experts use to quickly identify sites that have great development potential so you’re one step ahead of the crowd and can avoid buying a ‘lemon’
  • What drives property prices and simple steps to help you quickly conduct market research so you can select the suburbs that are most likely to provide strong capital growth
  • Creative ways that you can use to control and secure prime development sites under market value, which historically outperform the market using none of your own money
  • Simple financing tips and clever strategies that real estate entrepreneurs use to create massive cashflow and build equity, and how you can use these to help set yourself up financially for life
  • How the professionals avoid costly mistakes, conduct their due diligence and feasibilities plus the answer to the most important question of all – will my development project be profitable?