100 Magic tips for eBay

100 Magic Tips for EBay Buyers and Sellers 

Discover eBays Hidden Secrets

Authors: Amada & Matt Clarkson

100 Magic Tips for EBay Buyers and Sellers Revealed…The Top Power Secrets & Strategies of eBay Millionaires!

In this book the Best selling Authors reveal their top 100 eBay Success Secrets for Buyers & Sellers. Their hugely successful, mostly automated eBay business, has given them the freedom to travel the world to inspire & help others who want to live the eBay dream life-style too. They and many others continue to live by the Success Secrets shared in this book every day.

Inside We Reveal:

  • Hot Power tips, strategies and proven ways to make more money on eBay and still keep things simple
  • Discover how to snipe bargains from unsuspecting sellers
  • How to safely purchase from sellers globally with certainty
  • How & why giving outstanding customer service equals super success on eBay
  • How to accelerate your growth by finding the right mentor who has blazed the trail before you and succeeded