Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter – the man who took his pants off on stage and sold them for more than $10,000, demonstrating to business owners as he did so, how to advertise and price their products far more effectively than they ever thought possible.

Andrew is a Professional Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, Business Mentor, Philanthropist, Public speaker and Stand Up Comic. Having retired at the young age of 37, after just 3 years in business, Andrew has remained active teaching business success to other business owners through his books and personal mentoring, in many cases making improvements of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line profits every year.

His book The Rhino Retailers, was used as the lecture book in Advertising and Marketing Communication at The University of Canberra. He is the Co Founder and CEO of The Better Life Foundation – a Not For Profit organisation that assists underprivileged communities by teaching business skills and providing micro finance to get businesses established and employ people from within the community.

Andrew teaches business owners how to create an enviable lifestyle, having their business make the money they want whilst giving them the time off they need, to do the things they really want to do. He practises what he teaches and spends much of his time flying his own 1929 designed vintage style aircraft, performing regularly at Stand Up Comedy Venues throughout Sydney and travelling extensively throughout Australia and overseas.