Andrew Verity

Author, Master Neuro-Trainer, Entrepreneur, Kinesiology researcher and Practitioner

Energised by his lifelong passion for understanding neurological health, Andrew is the founder and director of Neuro-Training Pty Ltd which serves as the foundation for a growing international network of schools offering diplomas in Neuro-Training and Kinesiology throughout Australia, Norway, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and Switzerland.

In Australia, Andrew is the director of Neuro-Training and the College of Neuro-Training where he focuses on research and development of Neuro-Training techniques which become course content. The college has three campuses in Victoria, three in New South Wales, two in Western Australia, and one in South Australia. Additionally, Andrew conducts training in the corporate arena, high net worth individual and royal family consulting, where he focuses on the practical applications of Neuroscience for business and life improvement combined with the natural and alternative human sciences with Kinesiology as its base.

During his six-year term as the President of the International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists, Andrew aided in laying the groundwork for professional structures of qualifications that are now the accepted norm, both in Australia and internationally.

In his youth, Andrew was an active athlete with interests in Judo, squash, running, weight training, basketball, and Australian Rules football. Having earned his black belt in Judo, he competed for many years and won the Australian Judo Championship.

Andrew credits his athletic success to the ‘weird techniques’ he learned from a publication his father gave him from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. After using those techniques to strengthen his muscles far beyond what he was able to accomplish with weight training, Andrew made it his mission to continue to advance the science of Neuro-Training. He enrolled in a Naturopathic college and earned simultaneous diplomas in Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Iridology.

After founding his one-man Kinesiology and Naturopathic practice, Andrew continued to learn everything he could, and he began training others in the United States, Europe, and Australia. All of his efforts have helped Kinesiology and Neuro-Training rise in popularity around the world.

Andrew has written more than 36 public education manuals and more than 30 Neuro-Training manuals for the delivery of a diploma in Neuro-Training as well as advanced training. When he isn’t integrating new developments into Neuro-Training, Andrew enjoys graphic design, ‘weird science stuff ’, Judo, Aikido, and life.

Andrew Verity ND, DH, DI, MNT, AP is the author of The Efficient CEO Brain and lived in Victoria, Australia.