Angela Mackenzie

Dr Angela Mackenzie is a compassionate and dedicated pediatrician with over 25years’ experience and a sought after child pain specialist, hypnotherapist, speaker and author. Her driving force is helping young children learn to cope with medical procedures and the demands of modern healthcare, by educating their parents, caregivers and healthcare providers. More importantly, her goal is to empower parents, to help them be more involved with the care and support of their child and reduce the trauma often associated with ongoing medical conditions.

As a Consultant in Pain Management at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, she created innovative pain management workshops for families of young children who needed recurrent invasive procedures. As a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, she has presented at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally, sharing her mindset and successful case studies with elite healthcare professionals. Her ground breaking book Everybody Stay Calm is a true testament to the passion of her work. Angela is a vibrant, energetic speaker and strong advocate, when it comes to educating parents and professionals about making medical tests and treatments less threatening and more comfortable for all concerned.