Anne Tillig

Life on Elizabeth Island seems a world away from Anne Tillig’s previous career and travel adventures. A former Information Technology and Management Consultant and Psychologist, Anne is the author of Elizabeth Island. Anne owns the 65-acre island retreat and now shares the island with a steady stream of family, friends and travellers who enjoy the peace and simplicity they find there. This little known Australian island is in southern Victoria in Western Port Bay, which opens onto Bass Strait. Anne and her husband Ivan Vit purchased it in 1996 when it was, she says, ‘just a lump of dirt in the sea.’ Sadly, Ivan later became ill, and passed away in July 1999. They never got to retire there together.

After losing her husband, then her father and later her father-in-law, and moving house with their then 12-year-old son, all in the space of 18 months, she became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Anne later quit her job, rented out her Port Melbourne apartment, and went to live alone on the island. In this peaceful refuge she returned to the good health she now enjoys.

Anne is writing a memoir about her adventures and the challenges of establishing this island retreat in the face of major loss and illness. She now spends time honing her craft as a writer – between her private island and her bush retreat in Denver Victoria – an idyllic lifestyle that is founded on hard work and determination.