Elizabeth Island


A Discovery

Author: Anne Tillig

Southeast of Melbourne, Australia, lies a unique island, tucked between Phillip Island and French Island, within easy reach of the ports of Corinella, San Remo and Rhyll, and not far from Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula. Within easy reach of Melbourne, yet a world away, Elizabeth Island is a delight of a place that calls out to be experienced first hand.

  • Against the frantic pace of modern life, this book reminds us of a different, slower, more harmonious way to live. With nature at our doorstep, good friends around our table and the healing qualities of peace and tranquility, island life beckons.
  • A book to dip into as a reminder of the seasons of time that come and go whilst nature emerges afresh through these constant changes.
  • A celebration of Elizabeth Island’s interplay of human life, sea and land creatures, birds, landscapes, seascapes and gardens.