Anthea Nicholas

Unplanned First Time Mum at 50, Author, Speaker and founder of AntheaNicholas.com website. Anthea is an Author and is a recognised leading specialist in the areas of female health, wealth and success.

She is passionate about inspiring people to overcome life’s challenges and in creating happier and more successful lifestyles.

Anthea’s Achievement’s commenced when she was young winning many Athletics Competitions. Anthea had intended to go to The Australian Institute of Sport but family tragedy influenced these plans. Instead she started work at the age of 15 determined to make her mark. Anthea travelled Australia extensively in her early 20’s working in some of the most remote areas of the country. It was in northern Western Australia working to help reunite families from the Stolen Generation that she knew she wanted to work with people. In more recent years Anthea and her husband Peter have continued to care about their community by providing a home for two teenage foster girls.

During her 30’s Anthea became a Property Investment Consultant, and then a fully Licensed Agent. She opened her own agency in the late 1990’s. This was so successful Anthea had her own multi-million dollar property portfolio and built a loyal customer and referral base of clients all over thecountry, managing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property on behalf of her clients. However, Anthea’s greatest challenge by far was not to come until 2010 when against the most incredible odds she fell pregnant naturally at the age of 50. It was a one in 2 million chance of conception and approximately 1 in 7 million of delivering her healthy baby son Nicholas “A Miracle” Anthea’s media profile quickly spread around the world onto major TV, radio and newspaper and magazine networks. Since her son’s birth Anthea has been contacted and consulted by people from all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe.

Anthea’s passion for businesses success throughout her life and her ability to help others to find newmeaning and purpose with their lives has enabled her to create a number of entrepreneurial ventures.

Now Anthea and her husband Peter are totally committed to their son and are building a new empire around the needs of new parents and carers of babies and small children.

Anthea is the Author of Unplanned First Time Mum at 50 and her second book Falling Pregnant will be available in the New Year. Her third book, Special Mums and Miracle Babies is currently being written based on stories from Women across the country that have contacted Anthea for her advice and support.

Anthea and Peter live in Queensland with their precious son Nicholas.