First Time Mum at 50


My Inspiring Story Of Overcoming Incredible Odds

Author: Anthea Nicholas

We were told we would never have a baby

The Author, 50 year old Mum Anthea Nicholas shares her Amazing Story that has already captured Global Media Attention and the hearts of Millions of people. Her story will give you courage and most importantly hope. When you believe the odds are impossible to beat, you need to believe that you are the exception to the odds, there’s always one, why can’t it be you. Your belief system and your values influence everything in your life. Learn how to remove negativity and believe it is your time to shine and you will.

You'll learn:

  • Anything is possible
  • When to find the people you trust to help get you through
  • How to celebrate small milestones
  • How to picture your dream outcome in your mind and bring it to life!
  • How to build on each others strengths and support each other through your weaknesses.
  • How to strengthen your love though your challenges
  • How to make decisions based on Fact NOT Emotion