The Art of Personal Vision


A Powerful Guide To Getting What You Want

Author: Anthony Delaney

Believe and Achieve

International author, speaker and entrepreneur Anthony Delaney shares his passion for helping people achieve their goals and dreams in this easy to read step by step book.

A dream gives you a vision and the creative power of motivation which leads to success. If you wish to have a creative vision and more success, then embrace this book and start living your dreams today.

You'll learn:

  • Practical ways to visualise your dreams that have lasting effects on your wealth, health and happiness
  • The 5 Step Strategic plan to achieve the life you really want
  • Why you should avoid toxic people at all costs
  • 7 Powerful Reasons why you should never give up on your goals
  • How to combine business and dreams to achieve more
  • The power of creative vision and what it means to you
  • 5 Key habits of the rich and famous you need to know