Anton Guinea

Anton Guinea is an Australian success story. He is an energetic, engaging and successful entrepreneur who can show you how to change your life and your business by implementing the strategies that have made him successful. Anton is now an internationally recognised motivational speaker, business consultant and optimum results coach. He works with individuals and organisations to improve their performance and results.

Anton has worked with major enterprises (such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Drake and Santos), to improve their business systems and overall performance. Anton has also worked with employers and employees directly, to change their mindset and their energy levels. He also helps organisations achieve more, he is passionate about workplace health and safety, and he is committed to the reduction of accidents in the workplace. At the age of 21, Anton was involved in a near fatal workplace accident, where he received an electric shock and serious second degree burns to 13% of his body. His recovery was slow and painful, though the learnings and personal growth journey that he embarked on have been significant. In the years since the accident, he has visited numerous other countries, and has worked with, spoken to and trained people around Australia and on international stages.

His achievements are not confined to his work. He has been a competitive body builder, and now spends his spare time training for and competing in endurance sporting events like ultra distance marathons and Ironman triathlons. He shares his success with his wife of 15 years and his two boys, Toby and Zac (the other sparks in his life). Anton is the author of three books, all of which provide life lessons for improving performance and overcoming adversity. He holds Bachelor and Post Graduate qualifications from several of Australia’s top universities (in the areas of Management, Human Resource Management and Engineering).

His outstanding academic achievements have been recognised by the Golden Key International Honour Society and he is a member of the Safety Institute of Australia and the Institution of Engineers Australia. He has also been published in national magazine publications.