Ashleigh “Smashleigh” McKeown

Ashleigh is an author and personal trainer.

Nicknamed Smashleigh, she is one of three children. Because her father was a member of the Australian Defence Force, the family moved around quite frequently. Consequently, she attended nine different schools before graduating from secondary school.

Ashleigh’s personal health has always been an issue. Early in her life she had to deal with a serious illness, undergoing two open heart surgeries before the age of 13. Later in life, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

Ashleigh is proud of her accomplishments in her adult life. Her first job was at McDonald’s.

Starting off at the bottom, she quickly worked her way up to 1st Assistant Manager. After leaving McDonald’s, she went on to work for several 5-Star resorts including The Pinnacle Valley Resort, Daydream Island, and the Cable Beach Club Resort. While working at these resorts, Ashleigh performed various roles including bartender, waiter, pool technician, wedding and event assistant, and activities assistant.

She has travelled and worked throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Ashleigh McKeown is the author of Sh!t You’re An Adult Now and lives in Western Australia.