Sh!t You’re An Adult Now


What I Didn't Learn In School But Wish I Had...

Author: Ashleigh 'Smashleigh' McKeown

Change Your Status from Noob to Pro!

International Author, Entrepreneur, Fitness Coach and mentor Ashleigh ‘Smashleigh’ McKeown shares her insights and experience as a young adult gained from the school of real life.

Don’t get stuck in the corner, Sh!t You’re An Adult Now will show you how to dominate life’s challenges and achieve the dreams you desire.

You’ll discover:

  • The golden rules to creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • A Personal Trainer’s trade secrets to achieving your goals FAST
  • How to gain confidence and attract positive people to you
  • Simple steps to achieve your success
  • Essential tips to still eat what you want when money’s tight
  • Proven life hacks for saving money and getting what you want
  • How to smash through your limits and take control of your life

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