The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women

The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women

How everyday women achieved extraordinary lives and how you can too

Author: Beatrice Imbert


International Author and ‘Inspiration Seeker and Storyteller’ Beatrice Imbert takes us on an extraordinary journey into the lives of some of today’s most iconic women.

World leaders, visionaries, humanitarians, champions, business leaders and let us not forget, mothers, wives, friends, caregivers- these women will inspire and motivate you to greatness and to take charge and lead the life you are destined to have.

These iconic women humbly open up the diaries of their lives and share with us their own personal journeys, how they have overcome life’s challenges and the defining moments that propelled them to success. They generously share words of wisdom that will show us that we too can achieve our true potential and achieve the fulfilling and extraordinary life that we so deserve.

We will discover:

  • Simple strategies to help you turn your passions into a reality
  • Proven steps on how to unleash your inner strength and self belief
  • How to keep a positive mindset and attract positive outcomes in your life
  • How to lead a compassionate life filled with love and inner joy
  • Powerful reasons why it is vital to overcome guilt, anxiety and stress
  • How to smash through barriers and adversity
  • Their secret defining moments that propelled them to success