Survive and Enjoy Your Baby

Survive and Enjoy Your Baby

How to Find Your Path to Parenthood

Author: Belinda Joyce

How Your Family Can Survive and Thrive With a New Baby!

International Author, Midwife, Maternal & Child Health Nurse and Mother of four, Belinda Joyce shares her wisdom and experience both professional and personal to help make your transition to parenting a success. Becoming a parent has many challenges but this book will help you to find the joy and confidence in parenting your own way.

You'll learn:

  • How to get more sleep for you and your baby
  • The questions and answers you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask
  • Proven ways to stimulate your baby’s development to ensure they reach their full potential
  • An expert’s stress free plan to improve feeding challenges
  • Tips for choosing the essential items for you and your baby
  • Simple steps to calm the chaos and enjoy parenting more
  • Exactly what to do when your baby won’t stop crying