Ben and Kim Sowter

Ben is an author, psychic, medium, sound healer and medical intuitive.

Born in the working-class town of Newcastle, NSW, Ben, from a young age, typically loved to tinker with all things mechanical, pulling them apart to see how they worked. His technical creative ability led to pursuing a trade qualification as a fitter and turner. Leaving school at 16, Ben began an eight-year journey which led to various jobs and a romantic engagement.

Life never works out as you plan. In his mid-twenties, Ben had left home, worked for various companies, and been romantically engaged; but something was missing in life. It was time to leave the life he had been born into and to find the missing piece of the puzzle that seemed to be calling from deep within.

A move to a new state resulted in meeting a diverse range of cultures and beliefs. Ben later discovered that the inner yearning to ‘find himself’ had been his own intuition guiding him to a new and more wholesome way of living. This insight, along with his natural interest in learning what makes all things tick, opened the doorway to developing a keen interest in working out what causes human beings to be the way they are and how we can change our lives by following the inner voice.

Now, Ben works with various modalities that he uses as tools to assist with the inner process of connecting to ourselves on a deeper consciousness. His pursuits have allowed Ben to demonstrate his abilities within various Spiritual Churches, public speaking engagements about the power of sound and connection to our spiritual selves, workshops, and classes with various students all over the world.

He has travelled and worked throughout Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ben’s professional associations include the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the International Psychics Association, the Sound Healers Association, and the Australian Medical Intuitives Association. Ben is also a qualified astrologer with the Victorian Astrologers Association.

Ben Sowter is co-author of The Sentient Pathway and lives in Victoria, Australia with his wife Kim.

Kim is an author, entrepreneur, medium and clairvoyant.

She was born with the ability to see and sense spirits. She also has the natural ability to know past and future events, as well as the ability to read individuals. When Kim was enrolled by her mother in kung fu classes at age eight, her teacher recognised her abilities and began to teach her meditation and how to further open up her inner sight.

As an adult, Kim lived alone for a short time in a haunted home. She left the home after just two weeks because she experienced a range of intense physical phenomena. As a result of this experience, she pursued three years of development as a trance medium and clairvoyant with the Victorian Spiritualist Church.

After earning her diploma in Theatre, specialising in lighting design, Kim worked with the Victorian State Opera, the Australian Ballet, and the Melbourne Theatre Company. For a while, she operated her own business in theatre and television until the pull to offer readings led her to work part time as a professional clairvoyant. Her clients included solicitors, celebrities and those who had lost loved ones. Ultimately, her interest in alternative health caused her to leave theatre and television and begin studying remedial massage and physiology. She went on to study medical intuition.

After her studies, she began working a ‘regular’ 9 to 5 job. This job gave her insight into how the average person lives. It also showed her the reasons why people get depressed, feel anxious, and lack motivation. This experience motivated her to apply her abilities to help people find their intuitive voice.

Kim’s professional associations include the International Psychics Association and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

She has travelled and worked throughout Australia, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, North America, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

Kim Sowter is co-author of The Sentient Pathway and lives in Victoria, Melbourne with her husband Ben.