How Mice Can Roar


Unlock the Amazing Power of Your Voice 

Author: Billie Broadfoot-Wilde

TERRIFIED of Performance? Then This Book is for You!

Once you own this subject, you can do anything… it’s up to you.

Unless you are a naturally gifted communicator, getting your message across to your forum can be frightening and debilitating. You quake in your boots, sweat and dread the moment when they announce you.


In this book, international author, speaker, award winning performer, teacher and coach Billie will deliver to you not only the practical techniques, but also the very important psychological approach necessary to conquer and joyfully embrace the whole process, so that you have the power to make walking out on any stage exciting joy to be happy anticipated.

You’ve got to love that!

You'll learn:

  • Breakthrough techniques that will MOVE your audience and allow you to deliver your important message
  • Essential exercises the pros use to strengthen and sustain their voices
  • The Golden Rules to loving being on stage and for using a microphone
  • How to Speak or Sing with powerful authority
  • How to harness the Immense Power of your mindset and emotions
  • Tips and Strategies to make a room yours with responsibility, lobe and respect
  • How to breakthrough FEAR and things that hold you back as well as grow your confidence