A Personal Trainers Guide To Wealth Creation

A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Wealth Creation

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Millions in the Fitness Industry

Author: Ben Sheppard

What It Takes To Find Financial Freedom As A Personal Trainer

If you have ever dreamed of having a successful Personal Training Business, then A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Wealth Creation will show you how to achieve an extraordinary business that will give you the lifestyle that you not only desire but also deserve. International Authors, Entrepreneurs and Fitness Experts Jason Urbanowicz and Bradley Sheppard share their secrets on what it takes to be the best in an easy to read, step-by-step guide, on developing a profitable Personal Training company.

You'll learn:

  • To overcome self-sabotaging beliefs that can roadblock your success.
  • The mindset of getting paid a Multi Six-Figure income as a Personal Trainer, doing what you love.
  • How to consistently attract a hungry swarm of clients to your PT business.
  • How to take the sales out of selling and convert 9/10 leads into long-term cash flow.
  • How to build a team of Personal Trainers, enabling you to work less hours and earn passive income!
  • How to have an awesome website and social media presence, that creates an effective lead generation system at low cost.