Client Rush

Client Rush

37 Proven Marketing Breakthroughs for Attracting More clients Fast!

Author Bret Thomson

Fast, Simple & Proven Tactics For Attracting More Clients Now!

You are just moments away from discovering some of the world’s most effective, proven and affordable marketing breakthroughs for attracting more clients or customers to your business in record time. This powerful book is more of a marketing tool kit crammed full with easy-to-follow methods and insights that will cause a stampede of new clients. You will definitely want to read this before your competitors get their hands on it!

Here’s just a small (very small) taste of what you’ll discover…

  • The single greatest move you can make in the next 48 hours for bringing in new targeted clients on a shoestring budget
  • 3 questions you should immediately ask your prospects to find out exactly what will make them buy
  • How to double (even triple) your conversions online without changing a single word of copy
  • Clever ways to instantly eliminate the “price comparison game” out of your prospects mind once and for all
  • Sneaky under-the-radar tactic that pulled over 1000 new leads and packed a seminar room in 7 days
  • How to find that one jaw-dropping irresistible hook that’ll reel customers into your ad like crazy
  • A secret direct mail technique that can instantly add 33% to your response rate overnight
  • How to get movie stars, TV celebrities (or anyone famous) to help you sell your products and services