Brett Solomano

After training as a stunt performer for 5 years and having accumulated qualifications and training in over 30 areas and performed them for over 50 companies, Brett Solomano realised that his love wasn’t actually in performing but learning and coaching others to self-educate and be curious about the world like they were as children. He has coached, instructed and been paid to use every part of his mind, body and spirit to help adults and children.

He is a “master” with vehicles, having driven vehicles of every kind in Australia and has clocked up the magical 10,000 hours doing this.

Brett now runs the company “Learn Anything”, inspiring children and adults to educate themselves in areas that are important to them and to express their deepest gifts to the world. He also supports the organisation Global Educators for a Conscious Future which promotes positive and conscious learning and education strategies. More information can be found at ConsciousFuture.org

His home town is Melbourne, Australia, but being an explorer, he loves to travel.