Brian Horan

Brian Horan is an educator, author, international careers consultant and corporate trainer. It is his desire to inspire teenagers and young adults to find their passion and purpose in life and to fulfil their potential.

One of the ways he’s achieving this is through his most recent book, ‘New Windows of Opportunity’. Brian has been an educator of teenagers for over twenty-six years. In addition, he has worked as an Employment Training Instructor with unemployed youth for a number of years and has been a part-time volunteer youth worker for fifteen years. Furthermore, he has had over twenty-three year’s part-time experience educating young adults.

Working with teenagers and young adults convinced him of their innate gifts and abilities. However, sometimes these young people needed to be reminded of their inner worth and encouraged and inspired to fulfil their potential. It is the desire of the author to use personal growth principles to support them in the pursuit of their passions and purpose in life.

Over the years Brian has seen many young people take up the challenge of not allowing the past to dictate to their future. Some have followed their dreams in spite of hardships and persecution from their peers and also by overcoming their limiting beliefs. Other young people have confronted their fears and, in the face of the obvious risks of moving out of their comfort zones, chose to believe that they had a right to create their own future. The memory of the lives of those courageous young people has been the inspiration for this novel.

Brian is now a Careers Consultant, who desires to assist teenagers and young adults in their pursuit of finding a fulfilling career. The eCareers Academy motto of ‘Discover your Destiny and live your Dreams’™ parallels the sentiments of the excellent novel, New Windows of Opportunity.

More information about the Careers Consultancy’s products and services can be found on the www.eCareersAcademy.com website. In addition, Brian desires to inspire corporate organisations and their staff through his corporate training company, Empowering Training Solutions. It is the desire of ETS staff to motivate and provide employees and management with contemporary and relevant training packages.

The company’s website www.EmpoweringTrainingSolutions.com promotes the adage, ‘Equipping Your People’ for fulfilment and fruitfulness. From teenagers to corporate managers, it is the desire of Brian and staff to promote personal growth, creativity and the realisation of personal dreams.