New Windows of Opportunity

New Windows of Opportunity

Keys to Finding Your Passions in Life and Living with Purpose

Author: Brian Horan

Sometimes certain opportunities come our way only once in our life & we either don’t recognise them or haven’t the courage to take them! This book will explore the ways to exploit the opportunities which are positively linked to our passions & purpose in life. You’ll also discover keys to overcome the limiting beliefs which hinder you from fulfilling your destiny. Your future is waiting – grab it with both hands!

You’ll learn or discover:

  • How to appreciate the lessons from the past, but not allow the past to dictate the terms for your future.
  • The importance of the choice of friendships in influencing the development of your personality & potential.
  • How attitudes to your education can either represent a tirade of tyranny or a trampoline into a brilliant future.
  • The importance of taking risks in life, but also realising that risk-taking can be calculated, & not always crippling.
  • Why it’s important to choose your own career path, not have it chosen for you or staying in your present job just to please others.
  • How to face the future by forgiving yourself of past failures, discerning the fears that can cripple you & inspiring yourself to fulfil your potential & reap the rewards.
  • Realising that life is about change, change brings growth & growth helps us discover the person we’re meant to be; & the person who can make a difference in their world.