Buzz McCarthy

Psychoneurologist, Author, Speaker and Relationship Strategist Buzz is a best-selling author and is recognised as a leading specialist in the area of intimate relationships, wealth, success and personal transformation.

She is passionate about helping people make more compelling choices and creating more passion and success in their lives. As the founder and CEO of Ultimate Relationships she speaks and consults around the world. Buzz formerly ran the largest Adventure Travel Company in the world with 10 offices in 6 countries, founded and managed her own highly successful Event and Convention Management Company, worked at a high level in Australian politics and for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. For the past 3 decades Buzz has worked, travelled, consulted and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in over 69 countries from CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, to celebrities, actors and other world leaders who wanted to empower their lives. For more than 35 years Buzz has worked and trained with other world leaders such as Anthony Robbins, John Gray, Deepak Chopra and Keith Cunningham just to name a few.

Buzz started her wealth creation at the young age of 16 trading shares; a passion which led her to creating successful international businesses and her becoming a multi-millionaire. Buzz has created wealth and success through share trading, business and her international property portfolio.

Now Buzz shares her passion helping other people to become wealthy and successful in all areas of their lives. She is the author of two best-selling books. And each year Buzz takes a selected group of people for private mentoring to share her powerful insights at her exclusive villa in Tuscany Italy.

Buzz is a board member of Sfinx Women Pty Ltd, McCarthy Tait Management Pty Ltd and sits on the board of the prestigious Internet Dating Institute. She has a Doctoral Degree in Psychoneurology from the Barron University and is a Member of the American Board of Psychoneurology. For over two decades she has supported many charitable organisations such as the Lighthouse Foundation for challenged young people.

Buzz lives internationally between her bases in London, rural Italy, the USA and Australia.