Caroline Leslie

Caroline Leslie is a successful, multitalented, business owner, entrepreneur, author, makeup artist and mother. 

Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, Caroline grew up in a warzone, otherwise known as The Troubles. She was witness to some terrible events and grew up tough but humble, thinking this way of life was normal.

She was a high achieving student, winning several writing competitions at both primary and secondary school. By age ten she was showing her entrepreneurial flair, having taught herself dressmaking and by making special occasion outfits and furnishings for family and friends. A tenacious and independent Caroline left school at 16 with top marks, then travelled and worked overseas, including a stint in Australia washing buses and working in a bakery. Upon returning home to Ireland, she worked first as an accounts clerk, before qualifying as a makeup artist. She also worked as a bar attendant in local pubs on weekends. For several years she held down four different jobs at once.

At 23 she married, fell pregnant and immigrated to Australia, all in one year. The next few years were busy ones as she had two sons, then divorced and started her own business in Australia to support her family single-handedly. A party plan business called Gold Rush Australia, selling fine jewellery and precious stones, was Caroline’s first foray into becoming a business owner and she successfully coupled this profitable business with raising her young boys. In 2003, Caroline remarried and a few years later welcomed her daughter into the world. It was a time of change and always looking for new challenges, Caroline embarked on a new career as a qualified driving instructor.

Tragically, in 2008 her husband Peter fell victim to a random assault and suffered a life threatening brain injury. The entire family’s lives were turned upside down and so a new chapter of life began – along journey that revolved around returning her husband to the best health possible. Her career as a driving instructor ended as quickly as it started, as she now had to give up work altogether. It was during the next 18 months, while she was caring for Peter full time that the idea for Caroline’s latest thriving business venture was born.

The family needed support with home help in the early stages of Peter’s recovery. Caroline was determined at this crucial time, that toxic chemicals would not be used in their home, but trying to find a local cleaner that used natural and green products proved to be very difficult. There just wasn’t anyone available. She went without the help and did the job herself in the end.

She then used her time at home to research and study the topic of green cleaning and the effects that using chemical cleaning products have on people and the environment. This was the foundation that then led to her starting her new business – Home Maid Green Cleaning – which currently has a flourishing client list of people who value their health as much as a clean home.

Caroline has developed extensive expertise in the field of green cleaning products as well as the effects of chemicals in conventional cleaners. As well as running her successful business, Caroline isnow embarking on one of her life-long dreams of writing books. She is also well known amongst family and friends for her witty and humorous poetry. She has travelled extensively throughout Australia and Ireland, as well as England, Scotland, France, USA, Asia, Malaysia and the Canary Islands. Caroline lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband Peter and her three children.