Navigating Alzheimer’s

Navigating Alzheimer’s

Survival Secrets of a Long Term Carer

Author: Carolyn Cranwell

The Book that Carers have been Waiting for

There are currently an estimated 50 million people worldwide living with dementia. It is anticipated by Alzheimer’s Disease International that this number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million in 2030 and 131.50 million in 2050.

International author Carolyn Cranwell has 18 years experience as a self-taught Alzheimer’s carer. This remarkably insightful book is an easy-to-read account of a carer navigating her family through her husband Richard’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s when he was in his early fifties.

Carolyn’s thought provoking and entertaining style of writing guides the reader gently through sensitive and confronting topics. Her first hand knowledge and expertise will provide confidence to those wanting to help but feeling uncertain how to approach the person with Alzheimer’s, the carer or the family.
‘Navigating Alzheimer’s’ aims to break down the barriers surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and make it as familiar a topic of discussion to the public as Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Compelling reading for anyone searching for inspiration, courage and resilience.

You'll learn:

  • That Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia and how to recognise the Top 10 Early Warning Signs
  • When is the right time to stop driving and travel tips for the unwary
  • How to maintain balance in your family life while nurturing the person with Alzheimer’s independence
  • The importance of supporting carers to avoid carer burnout and how primary carers can release themselves from carer’s guilt
  • Successful tips for visiting and communicating with someone who has dementia
  • Suggestions for respite, nursing home entry and coping with loss
  • How to think and act like a survivor and tips for a resilient lifestyle

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