Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy Wife Happy Life

The Secrets to more Sex, Passion and Success in Your Relationship.

Author: Caylene Vincent

The ultimate man’s tool-kit to making a relationship great!

In this breakthrough relationship book directed at men in the construction industry, you are presented with a simple, easy to read blueprint to better understand yourself and your partner, while also giving you more tools to access when life’s challenges arise.

This book contains so many treasures that when applied will grow your relationship tenfold.

International author, Human Resources, Safety & Relationship expert Caylene Vincent has written this ultimate manual for men that is a must read for those in the often overlooked, high pressure, Construction Industry.

You'll learn:

  • The “glue” that holds your relationships together
  • To understand the different roles men and women play in a relationship
  • What to do when the honeymoon is over
  • How to approach and solve “difficult” conversations around sex & money
  • The different types of sex and how to make these happen
  • Why ignorance is far from bliss
  • How to make money and your relationship work together

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