Cherie Kelly & Nikki Ryan

Cherie Kelly

International Author, Speaker, Business Owner, Recruitment and ICT Consultant Specialist Cherie Kelly is an international author, speaker, business owner, ICT Consultant and Recruitment specialist.

Cherie is the founding, managing partner of Nickel Consulting and is recognised as an expert in the fields of recruitment, marketing, business integrations and providing specialised multi-disciplined Information Communications Technology (ICT) services. She is also extensively involved in generalist recruitment for corporate executive roles.

She is the author of Adapt or Die – No.1 Guide to Successful Consulting. For over 2 decades, Cherie has owned and operated her own business – consulting to industry giants such as Ericsson, Telstra, Department of Defence, Customs, CES, Olympus and Wesfarmers providing executive recruitment services, IT technology strategies and systems amalgamations for managed services and company takeovers.

She has consulted and travelled extensively to more than 20 countries including the United State of America, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa just to name a few. Cherie is qualified in many areas of business and has an Advanced Diploma in Marketing, a Graduate Diploma in Commerce and holds a Masters in Business Administration.

She is a Director of Nickel Consulting – a corporate member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association. Cherie has been involved with a variety of community and sporting institutions over the years. She lives in Melbourne with her husband Russell and two children, Daniel and Briahna.

Nikki Ryan

International Author, Speaker, ICT Consultant and Recruitment Expert. Nikki Ryan is an international author, Project Management and ICT Consultant & Recruitment expert. She is the author of Adapt or Die – No.1 Guide to Successful Consulting.

Nikki is recognised as an expert in the fields of recruitment, sales, operations, business integrations and ICT consulting. She has worked and consulted extensively for the past 20 years and is a partner of Nickel Consulting. For more than a decade, Nikki has focussed on providing specialised ICT consulting services to a niche range of government and corporate organisations such as Telstra, Australian Communications and Media Authority, KeyCorp, Sensis, Ford, ANC, Damovo and EMC just to name a few.

She has worked and travelled broadly to more than 24 countries including the United States of America, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Singapore.

Nikki has a diverse range of qualifications including her Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Health Science. She has been involved with numerous sporting associations over the years including representing her regional area playing netball.

Nikki lives in Melbourne with her husband Matt and their two children Ellie and Mac.