Grow Your People Grow Your Business

Grow Your People, Grow Your Business

Big Corporate Secrets for Small Business Budgets

Author: Christine Litera


Get serious about success in business; find out how to step out of the shadow of talent wars of big business and start attracting people to you. International Author, corporate trainer and consultant Christine Litera is an expert in engagement, development and organisational transformation. In this breakthrough book she shares the secrets of corporates and multi-nationals, to help all business owners grow their businesses fast and without a big budget.

You'll learn:

  • How to have your staff take ownership of business goals
  • Secrets that corporates use to engage and reward staff using none of their money
  • How to avoid painful and costly hiring mistakes
  • 18 simple yet powerful strategies to turn your people into raving fans and ambassadors of your brand
  • Practical solutions that corporates use to create a positive and committed workforce
  • How to ensure your staff want to come to work every day
  • 5 easy to implement attraction strategies that corporates know really work