Piano & Keyboard Made Easy

Piano & Keyboard Made Easy

Shortcuts for Learning Piano & Sounding Good Instantly

Author: Chris Lavery

A Pain Free Way to Learn Piano & Keyboard

Learning music the traditional way is difficult, frustrating and expensive. For most people it is just too much and we quit. International author, entertainer and trainer Christopher Lavery shares his breakthrough piano secrets. Now you too can learn piano and understand the building blocks of music without needing to spend years learning how to “read” music. If you have been trying to learn an instrument or gave up years ago, this book will give you a massive sigh of relief as Christopher shows you how truly easy music and piano can be.

You'll learn:

  • How to sound good on the piano instantly!
  • The secret patterns of scales and how to play any scale in any key
  • The secret patterns of chords and how to play any chord in any key
  • How to practice just five minutes per day for maximum benefit and fast results
  • The secret formula used to write most popular songs
  • How to breakthrough uncertainty and doubt and play with confidence
  • How to play and sing your favourite songs quickly and easily

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