Revelations of a Tour Caddie

Revelations of a Tour Caddie

What Really Happens When The Balls Fly

Author: David Kight

Ever Wanted to Know What Life on Tour for a Professional Caddie is Really Like?

International author, Golfing expert and Professional Tour Caddie, David Kight reveals what goes on behind the scenes on PGA tours. When you have stories about rich and famous golf stars like Greg Norman and others you know you’re in for a fun read. David shows you what life is really like on tour as a professional caddie; the dodgy hotels, missed flights, stolen luggage and living out of a suitcase.

This book will give you the insider secrets of what really happens on Tour!

What will be revealed:

  • The psychology of how to read, understand and talk to your player.
  • Trade secrets of life behind the PGA Golf Tour.
  • Tips and secrets from the Pro’s and their caddies that every golfer needs to know.
  • The secret of being hungover and still caddying well!
  • The golden rules to saying the right thing to your player at crucial times.
  • How to attract the right caddie for you.
  • Tell-tale stories that will amaze and shock you!

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