David Solomon

By all accounts David grew up with a shy personality. Shyness ran in his family. His mother was so shy that they rarely had visitors. Smart, but fearful of approaching new people, David had very few friends while in school. And, he was often teased.

Fortunately, David didn’t let his shyness hold him back. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1999, David started his own computer consulting, website design, and app-development company. He still operates that company today.

Determined to overcome his shyness and become a success, David has spent more than $150,000 on personal development seminars and adult education courses. He also got involved with several network marketing companies through which he learned the art of leadership.

One of his favourite ventures is real estate investing. He has renovated four properties and made $100,000 selling his first property. Additionally, David bought property for others and experienced a positive cash flow each time. Unfortunately, the real estate business hasn’t always been good for David. He once lost more than $100,000 on a piece of property. With that experience behind him, he helps others avoid the mistakes he made.

David’s other ventures include developing a modular building system, developing a scalable storage solution, and helping others create a growing residual income that is equivalent to a wage.

In his spare time, David enjoys playing snooker and volleyball. He also enjoys cycling, hang gliding, and powered hang gliding.

He has travelled and worked throughout Mexico, The United States, Canada, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

David Solomon is the author of The Shy Entrepreneur and lives in Melbourne, Australia.