Dee Scown

Coach, speaker, business owner, company director, survivor

Dee Scown is a woman who has always packed a lot into her life. She’s now a master coach with the SMJ Institute, helping others to achieve success and overcome challenges. Dee is well qualified to do that from her own experience, having overcome abusive relationships in the past and illness on her way to becoming a successful businesswoman.

Dee is especially passionate about helping other women to reach their full potential in whatever area they choose. She is qualified in Creatrix® Transformology® with the Institute of Women International, helping people to overcome issues like loss, grief and abuse while developing higher levels of emotional and mental intelligence.

She continues to manage her family businesses, as well as managing a Transformology® business, managing a Director level business with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.

Dee has lived and worked in every state of Australia except Tasmania, as well as visiting Hawaii.

She has always been active in giving back to the community, currently being the Treasurer of the Port Pirie Community and a member of Business Port Pirie. She is also actively involved with a number of online groups that support sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome and other autoimmune diseases.

Dee is the author of Grand Plan Shattered and lives in Gladstone in South Australia with her husband.