Denee Walker

Denee is passionate about people achieving mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health; enjoying an abundant life; receiving and giving love; establishing healthy relationships and realizingtheir personal potential. She finds it disturbing how the breakdown of relationships, the family unit and the traditional beliefsystems are having a destructive effect on society as they have always been the cement to hold society together.

Denee was born in country Victoria, Australia but has lived in Queensland for many years. Her family have been in Australia since the 1850’s and she has a passion and concern for the future direction of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in History and a Diploma of Education. She taught in the Secondary School system for many years before prioritizing Motherhood, Home Management and product marketing for health-conscious living.

Denee is a wife, mother of four adult sons and grandparent of three, at the present time. She researches health and is motivated to share information for healthy living and advocates individual personal responsibility for the choice of taking or ignoring preventative action for wellness. She is interested in studying Self-Development and attends varied Educational Seminars. She has completed level one of Christian Counselling in recent years.

Denee’s interests include keeping fit with gym classes and equipment, swimming, walking and winter skiing; reading and writing; listening to and playing music; cooking; travelling; communicationon a meaningful level; Christian Worship and focusing on family and home projects.

Denee believes we never stop learning until the day we die and God gives each one of us unique gifts which we should share to help each other as we journey through life. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s Grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10) Sharing, by imparting through the written word, can be an example of this. Do a deed of simple kindness, Though its end you may not see;It may reach, like widening ripples,Down a long eternity. (Norris) As the blossom can’t tell what becomes of its fragrance, we can’t tell what becomes of our influence.