Healing through Sound, Colour and Movement

Healing Through Sound, Colour and Movement

The ‘Anami’ Way

Author: Dian Booth


Sound and Colour have been used for Healing in many Ancient Civilisations, and are also very relevant to today’s healing needs.

International Author, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and International Concert Violinist Dian Booth shares a new pathway to Self-Healing, on which encouragement and gentle support are offered to those who struggle to come to terms with emotional trauma, depression, fear, grief and loss.

The ‘Anami’ Way is a unique approach, which offers several pathways to Transformational Healing, and hints for those who wish to walk their own path of self-healing.

You'll learn:

  • The ancient art of the Buddhist Satipathana Healing Breath
  • Exercises in how to use this knowledge in letting go of your suffering, plus special meditations to help you experience a deeper level of inner peace
  • Why it is important to use exquisitely beautiful healing sounds to support your healing needs, and where to get them
  • The History of Sound and Colour for Healing and how it could help you today
  • How to explore your spiritual relationship to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space, and how this knowledge can assist in your own healing
  • The Story of Dian’s life of huge challenges, and how she overcame them, will give hope and encouragement to those who sometimes feel, “The path is too difficult”
  • How a rare Egyptian healing instrument can help transform your healing process in another, different way.

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