Edwin Coppard

Anyone who has come to any of Edwin’s event s knows that there is no one like Edwin anywhere! He has walked his own path far away from the musical conventions of society. Over the past 25 years he has followed this road less travelled and rediscovered the principles and power of sound and song. Form his out-of-the-box premise that anyone can sing he has developed ‘Sovereign Singing’, the modern miracle of voice development.

International teacher and performer, he has appeared live in front of huge audiences and repeatedly astounded them with the speed and magic of watching someone’s voice change within seconds and minutes. Everywhere he goes all over the world, he blows people away with his demonstrations. He opens people’s minds to the potential of music in their own lives and music’s potential to bring everyone together.

Leading international speakers use Edwin to augment their events, including Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, James Skinner and T. Harv Eker. Companies large and small use Edwin to bring life and energy to the work place, to enliven creativity, to awaken natural teamwork, and to bring fun and mutual appreciation to everyone.

With up to 40 nations represented at some of the events, Edwin proves that music is the universal language through which all people can communicate by getting everyone singing together in minutes.

Edwin has been deeply involved in music all his life. As a young boy in a choir school in England he sang Gregorian chants. In Canada as a young man in high school he belonged to the Shockers, a band that became very well known, winning the PNE Battle of the Bands, playing on National TV, and opening for such acts as Billy Preston and the Everly Brothers. When the band broke up, Edwin created a solo career out of which came the album ‘Dawning Day’, and several hit singles in Canada, including ‘Come and See My Man’, which made the billboard top 10.

Edwin has always been a singer, but he began to be curious about the voice – why iot would be dependable one day and not the next. It was this curiosity that led him in 1982 to the innovative opera-trained Trudy Buckler, who opened his eyes to the physicality of sound production. After studying with her for some time he began to teach his own personal clients.

Edwin also studied Kinesiology through Brain Gym creator Pal Dennison. Integrating Kinesiology with his new teaching techniques created even more amazing results. It was around this time, in 1986, that Edwin realised he could teach anyone to sing.

Edwin created seminars based on his new processes. In 1989 he met Tony Robbins. Tony was so impressed with Edwin’s abilities, he asked Edwin to teach at his first Life Mastery Course. Edwin continues to teach at all Anthony Robbins’ Life Mastery courses. He also works with Tony’s exclusive Platinum Group.

“Because singing brings everyone together, makes them HAPPIER, and generates ENERGY. Edwin is the BEST IN THE WORLD at getting people to sing INSTANTLY naturally” – Anthony Robbins

In 1991 Edwin was introduced to a fascinating Archetype Theory, and subsequently developed a profound process. With this remaining piece Edwin, with his wife Cheryl, created ‘Sovereign Singing’ and inaugurated ‘Your Voice is the Messenger of you Soul’, a six-day flagship event in Tofino, BC. This world class intensive is regarded as one of the most life changing experiences offered anywhere in the world.

Real People Music in the culmination of 30+ years of experience. The uniqueness of Edwin’s approach has touched tens of thousands of people, changing voices and lives. Edwin continues to travel the globe and teach, and is creating a training course to empower others to share the gift of music with the world. Edwin currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada, with his wife and two sons.