Elizabeth Celi

A World Leading Female Psychologist, Author and Speaker Elizabeth is an international author of 2 books and is recognised as a leading expert in the area of psychology.

Dr. Elizabeth Celi’s TV segment on social bias and domestic abuse toward men by women has had global reach with regular messages of support and gratitude from men and organisations around the world.

She has been at the forefront of recognising the need to give male victims of domestic violence by female perpetrators a voice for their distress. With her recent tour to the USA to liaise with key researchers in the field, Elizabeth continues to rock the boat and develop more equitable and compassionate treatment so that men can speak openly and safely about their experiences. This brings forth a variety of antagonism and support as Dr. Celi unashamedly brings to light the many faces and fears of abuse toward men by women.

For more than 2 decades Elizabeth has taught and consulted internationally. Travelling through the UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the USA, Dr. Celi has seen the commonalities among various cultures in the social dynamics between men and women and where the social gaps and misperceptions in men’s health exist. She furthered her leadership training in London whilst writing her book.

Dr. Celi has been led through a world of stimulating discussion and contentious debates since the release of her first book in 2008, “Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – the Battle for the True Man”. And now she’s written her 2nd book “Breaking The Silence – A Practical Guide for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse”.

Elizabeth’s appearance on many television and radio programs, plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, has made her a sought after speaker and consultant on the international stage. Her political influence in men’s health has seen her being called upon for a Senate Select Committee on Men’s Health inquiry during the development of Australia’s first National Men’s Health Policy and several political advocacy keynotes at Men’s and Father’s Health Summits at our Australian Parliament House.

She is a Director on the Board of the Australian Psychological Society. Elizabeth marries her clinical health experience with strategic education and governance of issues affecting men and their families. Her personal and professional experiences over 2 decades in helping men get their life back on track after significant mental health concerns has undoubtedly enhanced her 11 years of academic work and training.