Eunice Hunter

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Mum

Eunice was born into a family of five brothers and one sister. She is married and has raised three sons who have become fine young men. She is a woman of many intriguing facts who is as beautiful and gracious as she is determined and successful.

Eunice has been working and helping people since she was 14 and is motivated by her love of family, community, independence and self-fulfilment. As a stay-at-home mum, Eunice found herself wanting to re-connect with her social and financial independence. Network marketing provided the balance, fun and income she was wanting.

She left school at 14 to work in the family business and completed her year 11 certificate at night school, picking up courses and certificates along life’s path; Deportment Training, Make up, Colour Coding, Waxing, Speaking Presentation, Travel and Tourism to name a few. Her professional experience has varied from office administration to production manager, inter gradation aid to technology technician, real estate to renovator, customer service officer in a First and Business class lounge, to events co-ordinator, spreading her enthusiasm as she goes.

Outside of work, Eunice has successfully completed three house renovations with her husband and children, has travelled to 24 countries, and loves to relax by reading and listening to the waves roll in at the beach.