Gail Geronimos

It was Gail’s job at Achaeus to develop marketing strategies and hit sales targets. Her strategy was to build a list of prospects and market to that list. In 1998 Achaeus moved online, starting with email campaigns. They were pioneers in successfully combining online and traditional marketing. Gail never looked back. She built a strong marketing machine using both online and traditional marketing.

Here are a few highlights:

     -  Contact list grew from a few thousand to 22,721
     -  Prospects received high quality ‘content’ every 2 weeks
     -  They ran 25 – 30 marketing events every year using only email campaigns
      -  Attendances ranged from 40 – 160 individuals (none of Gail’s competitors were able to match this result)
      -  Technology supported these activities and greatly reduced administration costs
     -  Best of all, the marketing budget was minimal.

Gail has tried and tested just about everything when it comes to integrating online and traditional marketing. Today, more than ever, she believes this is by far the best strategy for SME’s.