Gail Harvey

Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher, Painter, Avid Traveller. 

Gail is a business woman and author, who has taught at Primary, Infant and Kindergarten schools. She is also an avid world traveller. Gail is an accomplished painter who enjoys creating illustrations for her books.

After marring Richard Harvey, Gail set out on a life of adventure, supporting Richard as a race car driver, scuba diver, sailor and pilot. Together, with their young family they explored the Inland and East coast of Australia, including Tasmania to Alice Springs and as far north as Cairns. It was only natural that the family set sail on their 51 foot cruising ketch, “Gai Charisma”.

They spent 4 years exploring the Islands of the South Pacific, including the exotic locations of New Zealand, American Samoa, Tonga and the Islands of French Polynesia. During this time they socialised with people from all over the world and fellow sailors. After re-settling on Hamilton Island they opened a water sports business. Later they created the first tourist skydiving Drop Zone at an Island resort. In 1997 Richard was tragically killed in a plane crash. Gail and her children, Chris, Mark, Andrew, and Stacy worked hard to develop the business.

Together they have made it over the hurdles of fluctuating world economies, the changes of the tourism industry and the challenges of daily weather conditions – including many cyclones. Gail’s love for air, road and sea travel has led to the creation of her children’s book series “Angie’s Adventures”. Gail has travelled extensively through Asia, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. She is a mother of four and affectionately called “Gi Gi” by her seven grandchildren.