Brave Truth

Brave Truth

Powerful Untold Stories of the Struggle for Post-Apartheid Freedom

Author: Geraldine Coy

Facing the truth brings freedom!

International Author, Diversity and Community Worker, Leadership and personal Development Coach, Geraldine Coy unlocks the ugly truth about her investigations. This book will redefine primary aid and resource needs in poverty stricken communities. Human Rights activists will gain insights into the depth and complexity of violence and retribution. Assumptions of civic order are fundamental errors in the collapse of development. Powerful untold stories of the struggle for post-apartheid freedom.

This book reveals:

  • How people faced their enemies and stared them down.
  • What happens when the criminal justice system in society fails.
  • What happens when trust in political leadership dies.
  • The truths behind the apartheid government’s criminal social engineering.
  • The historical depth of poverty and how poverty drives depravity.
  • Choice and pragmatism in political allegiances.
  • How traditionalism and tribal identity influenced the emerging new order of South Africa.

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