Miracles or Coincidences

Miracles or Coincidences

Miracles Do Happen

Author: Geraldine Moran

Have you considered that you are constantly surrounded by miracles? Would you like to be? This book makes miracles accessible to all with amazing stories, lessons and examples of everyday people, celebrities and celebrated Aussies. Geraldine’s conversational style makes this book a must read whether you are in the best of times or not.

Through Miracles you will learn:

  • Miracles do happen
  • How to live life in the moment and experience miracles
  • What a miracle is and how can one happen to you
  • 7 steps to recognise and harness the power of miracles
  • What miracles are happening around us everyday
  • Recognise the power blocks that are holding you back
  • 7 steps to empower the life of your dreams