Graham Bibby

Graham Bibby is the Founder of Richmond Asset Management and author of 4 books.

For over 3 decades he has been the Number One investment manager in his class. In 1991 he founded Richmond Asset Management, a boutique financial advisory company based in Hong Kong and licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. He is an expert in technical analysis and was the former Chairman of the Technical Analyst Society of Hong Kong. He is the founding member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute and a founding member of the UK Financial Planners Institute.

In Master Your Mind, Master Your Money, Graham will help you discover that by adopting the appropriate state of mind and utilizing the secrets he shares anyone can surpass their ultimate goals and witness their dreams come to fruition. “Our Natural state is to be happy and the world was designed to give us abundance. The Human mind truly is a fascinating tool and with it we can all achieve greatness. I will share with you my ‘Insiders Secrets’, and help you unlock your true earning potential!”