Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

The Number 1 Business Tool To Outsmart Your Competitors

Author: Heather Cullen

In Business You Need A Competitive Advantage.

How do successful companies get their edge? They understand how the internet has changed the face of business and know what delights their customers. This book, written by international authors, entrepreneurs and business experts, Heather Cullen and John Brooker, shows how to outsmart your competitors in today’s interconnected world.

You will learn how customer expectations are changing and how to get ahead of the game:

  • How the business-customer relationship has changed forever.
  • What your competitors are doing and what they know about you
  • 7 Key things your customers want – but won’t tell you.
  • Staff reports: why relying on them is dangerous to your business
  • How to turn Social Media trolls into raving fans.
  • What Big Data can tell you about your customers – and what it can’t
  • Protecting your business: what to do before things go wrong.