The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success

The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success

The 7 Reasons Why Most Business Owners Do Not Become Millionaires and The 1 Simple Thing That Can Change That

Author: Ian Marsh

When You Are Ready to Get Serious About Your Business And Your Life.

International author, speaker and business growth expert Ian Marsh shares decades of wisdom in this breakthrough business book. 95% of business owners never achieve more than $1,000,000 in turnover, and only 39% of them are profitable. This information has the ability to change those statsif you have the courage to look in the mirror.

You’ll learn:

  • Why 7 small changes to what you are doing in business will probably translate to millions of dollars in improved results for you
  • How many business owners that know these truths are making more money in a month than they used to make all year
  • The world has lied to you. The movie the Matrix is real. There is a red pill and a blue pill in life and you have the power to determine which one to swallow
  • Most business owners are running their companies upside down, and when they do the opposite of what they are currently doing, miracles can occur in their businesses
  • Why work life balance is a myth (and how to be OK with that)
  • The MAGIC formula to use BEFORE buying any business

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