Rewire Your Relationship

Rewire Your Relationship

A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving and Passionate Relationship

Author: Jacqui Christie

Stop struggling and Start loving again. Would you like to have a relationship built on love and trust?

International author, entrepreneur, leading relationship expert and Clinical Psychologist Jacqui Christie shares her ground breaking techniques in this powerful book “Rewire Your Relationship”.

In this book, Jacqui will show you how to truly understand your partner and resolve the conflict between your head and your heart. You will discover how to develop a deep and profound appreciation for each other, and experience more balance, harmony, and joy in your relationship than ever before.

You’ll learn:

  • How to transform your relationship into a lasting source of love, intimate connection and companionship
  • How to empower each other with the confidence and tools to craft make-or-break moments and weather the key stages in your relationship
  • How to feel safe and secure with your partner
  • That there IS a way to repair your connection with each other
  • How to understand your partner’s brain and why they keep doing the things they do
  • Why your attachment style plays such a vital role in your relationship
  • What your partner needs and how to give it to them

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