The Essential Guide to Successful Training

The Essential Guide to Successful Training

Shifting the paradigms in Organisational learning

Author: Jennifer Campbell

You will never perceive training the same again!

International author, facilitator and master trainer Jennifer M Campbell knows what it takes to make training successful. Having facilitated learning on five continents and trained trainers for almost 20 years, she has a broad understanding of the training system.

Jennifer shares her secrets, with frank system-wide perspectives, which blend mainstream and alternative approaches for transformative results. Her profound insights and practical solutions will help you maximise the benefits of training, and ensure individuals and organisations benefit simultaneously. You are invited to rewrite your fundamental premises about training step by step.

You will learn to:

  • Gain multiple and simultaneous outcomes and benefits from training
  • Ensure success with the six aspects of the Essential Success Blueprint
  • Achieve desired results using The Training Whisperer’s Results Formula
  • Identify and maximise the value of collaborative training every time
  • Ensure formal learning is easily and effectively transferred into the workplace
  • Recognise and utilise subtle, powerful levers for excellent results
  • Train less, learn more and get better results!

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