Joanna Arhontis

After a thriving career as a travel consultant, Joanna switched gears and refocused her energy on maintaining her independence, finding her passion and owning her own business. That’s when she discovered her talent for growing businesses excelling in retail and customer service providers.

Joanna accepted a position with a leading retailer in a franchise group of more than 100 stores. In her first 8 months she was promoted to store manager and grew her location to the #2 spot in the group. Leveraging her experience and confidence Joanna moved on to create her destiny as an entrepreneur.

As a highly motivated and driven entrepreneur Joanna raised capital and opened her own retail store basiConcepts which became an industry leader in its field.

Joanna has spent more than a decade operating basiConcepts, a boutique kitchen and homewares store in North Park Shopping Centre and North Adelaide. She’s proud of the fact that the business was profitable from the moment she opened her doors. Even though the Northpark shopping centre where she was located never had full occupancy she still found creative ways to attract customers.

Joanna’s appearances on many media platforms, and articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally, have made her a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant. Joanna was the co-founder and vice president of the Melbourne Street Association and a member of the North Park Shopping Centre marketing committee. She also provides retail and business consulting services to Retail Shopping Centre Groups, large corporates and independent business owners. She also recently participated in Adelaide’s Buz on Biz Concept to Reality as the Retail Expert Mentor.

Having lost her mother, as the eldest and only daughter, Joanna supported her family by assuming responsibility for a busy home life and three younger brothers from the young age of 21. Joanna focuses her charitable work on Camp Quality and Starbear for children who have been left behind. One of her philanthropic goals is to build a retreat home that will serve as a place of respite for children and families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

While fulfilling her dream to see the world, Joanna has travelled and worked throughout Australia, the United States, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, Hong Kong and Bali.

Joanna Arhontis is the international author of the book The New Retail Revolution and the creator of the Retail Revolution Training Systems.