Treat Your Customers Like Animals

Treat Your Customers Like Animals

The Counterintuitive Guide to Increasing Sales Without Selling

Author: John McKinstry

The VALUE Encounter Methodology Turns Conventional Selling On Its Head. 

People are sick of being sold to and switch off when they hear conventional approaches, irrespective of how sophisticated they are. With the constant bombardment of information people have developed the ability to filter out, not in, to superficially scan and to ruthlessly reject unsolicited conventional sales approaches.

John McKinstry, International author and founder of Australasia’s leading mid-market consultancy firm shares his counter intuitive professional and proven business development approach helping the reader navigate the right path forward.

You’ll learn:

  • Why relationships are critical to all businesses sales success
  • The psychology of building successful relationships that require different levels of interaction and communication for business development purposes
  • How to easily identify the different types of customer relationships
  • How to develop your unique VALUE Encounter approach for business development purposes
  • How all your client facing staff can apply the VALUE Encounter approach without feeling like they are selling
  • Why the easiest path to growth is through existing customers and their interconnectivity with existing products and services
  • A proven counter intuitive, value-based business development framework that drives rapid sales growth and key stakeholder alignment

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